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About Me

Hi! I'm Ciara ("Kee-ra"). I'm a nutritionist, toddler mama & advocate of healthy, functional eating.

I am passionate about making life easier for the busiest of busy people (like parents) because I know how challenging life can be with a full plate. Through my experience as an R.H.N. & parent, I've seen how slight strategic dietary tweaks can really improve overall health.


Everything I do is inspired by my two boys, my husband, and my personal experience juggling motherhood & health. I am passionate about fueling my family's needs with nutrient-dense, whole foods in a way that is fun & realistic; for this reason, I love functional smoothies

(check out my FREE smoothie guide here)


I believe there is no cookie-cutter approach to good nutrition because it should focus on what works for you.


my story

I've always been passionate about health a wellness, but it wasn't until the pandemic hit that I decided to take a leap into a new career.


I officially started on this path to fulfill my dreams but also because the very advice I'd be offering my clients was exactly what I needed for myself. It was time for change.

my motivation

As the daughter of a physician, I admired my mother & knew I wanted to help people with their health

As a competitive runner I learned about balance & a healthy lifestyle from a young age

As a university student (studying Arts!) I became highly curious about the science of nutrition after one life-changing elective course

As a postpartum mama I was anxious & exhausted and wanted to feel better... but I wasn't sure where to begin

As a toddler mama I was stressed about my child’s nutrition

As a mama of two I craved more knowledge to meet my boys’ individual needs (allergies, gut trouble, growth challenges)

As someone with life-long gut issues I was determined to find a solution for my discomfort once and for all

As someone with an incurable kidney disease I wanted to take back (some) control & to feel empowered (check out my kidney nutrition page)

my purpose

My work is focused on helping people understand how to leverage nutrition to feel their best & get the most out of life.

Life is short.

You deserve to GLOW!

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