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Let's Work Together

Does this sound like you?

  • You're ready to make some changes to your diet but aren't sure where to start

  • You're tired of being tired & want to feel like yourself again

  • You're frustrated by pesky symptoms such as poor digestion, gut issues, headache, fatigue

  • You've got specific health goals to reach but feel overwhelmed

  • You're looking for a simple, solid plan of action

  • You crave straight-forward & practical advice

These programs are geared towards busy people like YOU who are looking for simple nutritional strategies to get the most out of life.


Hi! I'm Ciara

Think of me as your personal


I'll give you all the tools you need + the knowledge you desire to make some life-altering changes at your own pace.

Keep scrolling to check out my services
Psst...they may be covered by your employee health benefits plan!

Glow with the Flow (Package)

My signature 1-on-1 offering is completely personalized & designed to fully support you in re-gaining a sense of balance so you can make the most of your busy life. 

What's Included:

  • 60-min virtual intake session - this is where I get to know you, your story & your health goals in great detail

  • delivery of detailed yet digestible plan of action (recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle & supplements)

  • two 15-min virtual follow-up sessions within 2 months

  • on-going email support for 2 months

For more information & to book:

Little Sprouts (Kids!)

This comprehensive 1-on-1 offering is designed to support you in your mission to nourish your kids. Get practical, personalized advice so that you can feel more confident in their growth & development.

What's Included:

  • 30-min virtual session where I’ll get to know your concerns & goals

  • Delivery of a holistic plan of action to include recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle & supplements (if necessary)

  • Meal & snack ideas included

  • On-going email support for 1 month

For more information & to book:

Initial Consultation

Get moving in the right direction again! This 1-on-1 session is a great opportunity to reset your health with personalized advice on how to make impactful tweaks to your diet.

What's Included:

  • 60-min virtual intake session - this is where I get to know you, your story & your health goals in great detail

  • delivery of detailed yet digestible plan of action (recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle & supplements)

  • on-going email support for month

*NOTE: if you desire more on-going support & accountability then "Glow with the Flow" may be a great package for you!

For more information & to book:

Follow-up Session

This is service is available for current & past clients only (not for new clients).


What's Included:

  • 30-min virtual session 

  • Delivery of notes/tweaks to protocol to address any concerns or new goals

  • Meal & snack ideas included

  • On-going email support for 1 month

Organic Blueberries


20-min phone call to see if we're a good fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your services covered by my employee health benefits plan?
    Yes, many employee benefit plans cover my services!
  • I'm really busy with little kids at home. How can I work with you? Are you flexible?
    I'm a busy mama, too, so I get it! Working with me will NOT take too much effort on your part. I'll do all the heavy lifting and be sure to make recommendations that fit with your lifestyle. In terms of our initial consultation, I can absolutely be flexible and work within the bounds of your schedule. If a 60-min call seems like too much, we can communicate via text or email instead - whatever works for you! When you are ready to commit to changing your health, I'll be here to make sure it happens.
  • Who are your services for?
    As a nutrutionist, I want to bring support to as many people as possible. If my offerings speak to you, I'd be happy to help! I can speak most authentically on experiences with little kids, having a full plate & trying to manage health as a parent so this is why I have mostly tailored my services to suit this demographic.
  • What do you get? What's included in your package?
    When you purchase my signature package (Go With the Flow), the deliverables include a detailed plan of action in terms of diet & lifestyle, recommendations for where/how to start, suggestions for next steps (including appts with other professionals) and my best advice for how you can truly make an impact on your health. You will also receive a "summary of findings" that will piece together your symptoms/challenges to make sense of them once and for all! At the end of the day, my goal is to set you up for continued success - that means educating & empowering you to make healthy decisions going forward that will have lasting impact on your health.
  • I have an underlying medical condition. Can I still work with you?
    Of course! I can make personal recommendations for diet & lifestyle that will be safe & appropriate for you no matter your current health status. I love to come up with simple strategies to help you feel your best & get the most out of life.
  • Do you create meal plans?
    This is not something I typically do. I like to help you find areas of opportunity within your diet + teach you how to eat in a healthy & balanced way so that you can make some impactful, life-long changes to your health.
  • Can I use your services without making a commitment?
    Yes! I offer a-la-carte services so that I can support you in reaching your health goals without time or financial pressures. This way we can work together to design the appropriate support for you!
  • How do I decide if I should see you or a dietitian?
    Firstly, both are great resources for nutrition coaching. As a holistic nutritionist, the value in my services is that they are focused on the WHOLE person (diet, lifestyle, mental health) and they are tailored to meet your individual needs. Like a dietitian, recommendations are also based in science, but there is more emphasis put on the bigger picture outcomes and we like to pay close attention to details in all areas of your life.


“I went to see Ciara because I had been suffering from various digestive problems for 10 years. Doctors had prescribed me various treatments over the years but none of them addressed the key problems in the long term. Ciara provided real solutions but most important to me she finally helped me understand what the underlying cause of my issues was so I could actually feel in control again.”

- Robin

"Ciara is the perfect combination of professional, friendly and supportive. She really took the time to get to know myself and my family and made suggestions that fit our lifestyle. She's realistic, creative and knowledgeable, and she approached my goals with sincerity and positivity, which made making changes easier."

- Vanessa

"I wanted a natural way to help with both my postpartum recovery and my modified nutrient requirements while breastfeeding, so I reached out to Ciara for help. She provided me with a very thorough and thoughtful list of recommendations and easy additions to my daily routine to help with several issues I was experiencing. Her advice was well researched and her approach was judgement-free. I’ve found her suggestions to be easy to implement because they were small corrections that made a big difference, and they didn’t require a complete lifestyle change. Ciara is warm and welcoming, and she made me feel comfortable and validated with the concerns that I addressed. Her social media content is also a nice addition to my timeline when scrolling because she gives me regular reminders to focus on my health and nutrition, which can be easy to forget when my attention is often directed at my daughter."

- Ali

"I have been struggling with gut issues since I was a teenager, and after many unsuccessful treatment plans with my family doctor and gastroenterologist, I had relegated myself to fact that I was going to live with my “irritable bowel” forever. With Ciara’s guidance on my diet   and supplement regime, I finally have control over my chronic digestive symptoms. I am SO thankful!"

- Alexandra

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